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AKM Baking Problems

Anything related to baking, texturing or sharing useful advice.
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Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:11 pm

Hi my name is Pratik and I am following AKM ultimate weapon tutorial.Its amazing tutorial i have completed 3ds max modelling and uv unwrapping part but when it comes to substance painter i have run into some problems.
First : The Text is wired and distorted and i am unable to select it color selection id map.Also it looks burried in the model.
Second : There are some artifacts on the model.
I am using substance painter 2 but i think at the time this tutorial was made in substance painter 1.I have added a link for my google drive and there are some images of the AKM.
google drivegoogle drive
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Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:25 pm

Hello Pratik,

First of all, my apologies for the late reply; I moved to another city and gaining access to the internet was let's say...time consuming for some reason :(
But well, finally got to catch up with the forum case you haven't solved the issue yet; I'm looking into it.

Regarding the ID map, this is probably because you exported the highpoly as OBJ. There is an issue with OBJ's regarding the baking process,
so instead export your highpoly mesh as well, but make sure to uncheck "Turbosmooth" in the FBX settings :) This can also be found in the FAQ:

Regarding the other artifacts....can't tell right away what it is but I assume your highpoly model is exported correctly & smooth? During the bakingsettings in Substance, did you double check the settings compared to the video? :) Otherwise, you can also show a screenshot with the settings so I can look into it^^
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