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Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:51 pm

Im playing through Prey from Arkane on PC at the moment. I love the Dishonored series so was really excited to play this. These games are basically my favourite genre too, narrative driven explore-em-up with a little combat for spice maybe.

So Prey is fantastic, it's a little bit Bioshock, Soma (another fav), Dead Space, Deus Ex. And my name is Morgan so I get a little bit of extra immersion when they say my name haha. Side note: when will games properly use text to speech to seamless blend the players name into recorded dialogue?? Obviously it would be massively open to abuse with kids naming their characters all sorts of nasty things just for lols. But how cool would it be?

Back to Prey. The first thing I noticed however was that compared to Dishonored 2, the visuals did not impress. I was like 'wow this looks like a game from the 90s', literally no shadows, flat boring lighting. Given that most people here are into 3D game art this is always the first thing I notice and look at.

Anyway a little digging around on Mod Nexus and I found a lighting MOD which SIGNIFICANTLY improves the visuals of Prey. Proper dynamic lights, volumetric lighting, all sorts of bells and whistles that for some reason had been turned off in the vanilla release. Its a CryEngine game too so its definitely capable of tasty visuals. The art design and texture work are awesome so with decent lighting the game looks great.

In conclusion if you are going to pay Prey on PC I highly recommend this mod. Its not too much of a pain to install just gotta copy/paste a few files to the various directories and back up originals.

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