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Outcome differs from yours following your YT tutorial

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Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:50 pm

Hi ChamferZone, love your tutorials really awesome! Thank you so much for putting all the time and effort into it.

I have just one question... been trying for a week now but no matter what I do, my outcome is totally different then yours eventhough I follow your tutorial as close as possible. Where ever I pull out a vertex and -or use triangles instead of quads, the topology gets all messed up. Do you think you would be able to make a tutorial specific on how to do stuff like that e.g. the details on the blade (not the handle) like the bits that are sticking out and the "teeth" that you cut out with a cylinder? I am using Max 2018 but when ever I cut out stuff I get all dark spots in my topology no matter how much connected vertextes / edges I add 😞 Especially after adding a chamfor and -or turbo smooth, stuff just gets messed up so bad you hardly can recognize it anymore.


P.S. I could record what I am doing if that helps. And you should reconsider putting some stuff on Udemy. Lots of people would be more then happy to buy your courses, they are awesome!

Best regards,

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Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:33 pm

Hi GZ!

Sorry for the late reply, last weeks are incredibly busy on my side so.. I hope I can help now in one way or another! :)

In order to help you the fastest way (and best way) possible is to see what is going on with your model,
so...if you could record it, that would be wonderfull! That way it's easier to analyze where the issue might come from :enlightened:

Some early suggestions: You mention that the cut tool does weird stuff, are your polygons flipped eventually? Or...if you don't have any modifiers on top of the editable poly: Try applying a reset Xform, collapse it and then try again to apply chamfer/turbosmooth etc :) :icon_thumbsfallout:
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