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BAR M1918A2

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Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:44 pm

Gameready BAR M1918A2 made in Blender, Marmoset and Substance Painter.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback. I am still fumbling around with texturing and not very good at rendering/showcasing. ... 72ebeca700

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Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:53 pm

Hey there :) Nice work on this BAR man, it certainly is not the average gun that you see everywhere in 3D, so ...good choice for that :)
I think that you did a good job on the overall feeling, some material breakup and the impression is right :D

In terms of feedback, I might have a bit but really just some personal opinions, it's up to you which you agree with and which not ^^
Texturing: I see that you played a nice bit with the roughness, but you might consider to think about how the gun is being used. Moving parts may eventually leave scratch marks which you would like to add manually, so...not with a regular scratch generator :) And even though the magazine seems to be the same material as the receiver, you could consider to add a slightly different color value to it to break it up a bit more in terms of materials^^

Rendering: I see you used Marmoset, but so far I have only seen the Sketchfab viewer. My honest opinion is that I find still-renders more beautifull as showcase-images as it doesn't really have to do with sizelimits, which we do have with 3D viewers. I'm quite convinced that in the future these 3D viewers will support larger files, but until then I would recommend to use Marmoset to create the beauty "eyecatcher" images, and use Sketchfab or Marmoset viewers to showcase the model in general :enlightened:
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