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Mech Leg - After ProBoolean Pivot Is Off - Bad Inset

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Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:52 am

I'm fairly new to 3ds Max and I'm enjoying the Mech tutorial so far (learning quite a bit), but I ran into an issue that I can't seem to solve and have tried Googling for an answer, but I'm still stuck.

At the 38:21 mark in the modeling video 1, which is right after the ProBoolean operation of the slightly rotated cylinder Union with the lower leg portion, Tim selects the face of the cylinder and in Local Coordinate mode his pivot/move tool is perfectly aligned and Z axis is pointing straight out from the face. In my case the pivot is very skewed in Local mode and in other modes it's slightly off as well. So when I try to move it doesn't move straight in or out, but at an angle and worse when I try to perform the Inset on that face the Inset is very skewed and not circular.

Here's a gif to show the problem I'm having: ... 6e9631.gif

When trying to Google the problem, it seems this may have something to do with the normals alignment, but I tried an "Edit Normals" modifier, selected the face and changed the normals so they were pointing straight out, but even after collapsing that modifier and selecting the face again the pivot still looks the same.

Here's a screenshot showing the normals for the face (red lines) are at an angle: ... 147374.png

Here's a screenshot after I adjusted the direction of the normals: ... cff7e7.png

Note I also tried adjusting the other normals that were at the same angle (blue lines in the screenshot), but still didn't make a difference. Like I said I'm new to Max and also somewhat beginner at 3D modeling, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing or if I even adjusted the normals correctly (I don't know how they're supposed to look). I also tried deleting that face on the cylinder and selected the border then capped it, but didn't seem to make any difference and the pivot was still way off.

I've been following along fairly closely with the tutorial, but I must have messed up somewhere along the way and just don't know how to fix this or how far to go back to redo something. I'm tempted to restart the entire piece above the feet, but it's taken hours just to get this far and I'm only 38 minutes into the 1st video. :icon_eek:

EDIT: I figured it out on my own! :realization: I had to go to Utilities --> Reset XForm, then Reset Selected separately on both the cylinder object and the leg object. At first I tried Reset Xform on just the cylinder, but the pivot direction was still off, so I guess it was needed on both objects. Now I can keep going with the tutorial! :monkeydance:
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Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:59 am

Hello PCG4m3r!

Glad you found the issue to the problem and indeed! If something works funky it's often a matter of reset x form. This can be annoying if you are still new to 3dsmax but after while you will kind of get a "feel" for when it requires it based on actions you did before ;-) Glad you can carry on with the tut now!
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