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Distortion on normal map - Baking

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Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:09 pm

Hey Tim,

Just want to say thank you very much for the tutorial, its brilliant. Its really hard to follow stuff on YouTube but you really truly present it in a completely beginner friendly manner, and make it easy and fun to follow.

I have an issue however at the baking stage. I have spoken to a few of the guys on your discord but they havent specifically followed your tutorial nor does one of them even use Max or SP to bake. So I just wanted to get your advice and understand how you did it as it wasnt explained in the video series. ... 9120_n.png

Here is it just so you can see, ive got similar skew on a few other floaters and from what I understand, I need to do all sorts of things with 'cages' and tesselation modifiers to fix this then remove it once Ive baked. I want to try it but I also just want to get your advice since you understand the video tutorial series better than anyone. People have recommended Marmoset to remove this but obviously thats not in the video and I really want to know what you did first. Also someone on discord recomended that I triangulate the entire low poly before I bake otherwise I could have big shading issues if it triangulated differently in SP than it did in 3DS, I saw in one of your YouTube videos you showed your MK18 and demonstrated this triangulation but you dont do it to the AK so I wasnt sure what to do.

Again a massive thank you to what I can say Is in my opinion the best video tutorial series ive ever seen to teach such a complex skill and a massive thanks to the people in your discord community, you know who they are, for being fantastic and helpful to me also.

Appreciate your advice,


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