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Kolya Sych

Perfect for saying hello, sharing your portfolio and background.
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Nikolay Sych
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Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:44 am

Hello everybody! I think it's good time to introduce myself here. I am 15 years old and I am from 🇷🇺.
( I insist watch all videos, visit all links and download all files)
Part 1 "Turning Point". Let's start from the beginning, I mean summer 2016. I had a 12 years old PC: Intel celeron 341 ( 1 core 2.933 MHz ),128 mb RAM , GeForce 6600 ( 128 mb vram ) and Foxconn motherboard.

[ I was so insane that i played BeamNG Drive (2013) and Minecraft on this pc, and once I launched Ridge Racer Unbounded (2012)! :icon_vince: ] Whole summer I was playing ga... just wasting my time. And the turning point came when i installed GTA SA.
One day, when i was bored of playing it, i was surfing the youtube for some secrets, easter eggs... And i found this Channel ( ). I was amazed of all this content! And I started searching for ways to obtain this stuff for myself. And that is result ( https(:)// ) (( Remove (,).)) [ instructions: Open any of .dff files and enjoy. Do NOT press "Toggle fullscreen" button (Maximize window only). Also turn off dummies and specular. All text files inside archive are RUS, if you want you can translate it. ]

Part 2 "Zanoza". I started feeling that i want MORE. And i found Zmodeler 2. So I started modding game vehicles: Tahoma, Tornado, Remington, Majestic. [ But i never converted them back to the game ] Majestic was going to be my best work


,well... i messed everything up and deleted all of my cars...

But, now I remade this 4 cars!


As you see I removed the roof and windows on each of them. But that was not enough...

Part 3. "Max" I installed 3ds Max 2012, but because of my PC very soon downgraded to 3ds Max 2010. And i was following many tutorials from ( ... BbzCRhpixg )
He is making tutorials for beginners on Russian Language.
Here are all of my models from 2016 ( )

Part 4. "Force Awakes" And finally on the New Year I got new PC (Intel Core I5 6600k, GTX 1050ti, 16gb RAM)!
if I knew better 3D , I would have insisted on GTX 1060, but i didn't. Unfortunatly AMD Ryzen came out only in autumn.
I plan to complete all Chamfer Zone and Polygon Stories ( ... TQGO5NNDhA) tutorials till summer.

That's my full sotry as a 3D modeller) :icon_partyparrot_e: Hope you enjoed it, and i defenetly will uptade this topic next summer :icon_sunny: ! Also can you pls visit my channel? Maybe you will find something interesting for you ( ... RShz7kXqrw )
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Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:50 pm

Hey Nikolay! That's a very interesting journey, and I think a lot of people can probably relate. Though I didn't start with San Andreas, I definitely always took an interest in creating content for the games I play and I think that's definitely a great place to start.
Well done so far on all the work you've made and shown us, keep it up buddy! :monkeydance:
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Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:12 pm

Modding is definitely a cool way to get into the mood of 3D modelling & texturing, reminds me of doing some skins for a friend of mine which was a lot of fun :D :icon_partyparrot_e:

I must say it's really cool to see what you can do at young age, wish I started with game-art as well at that age :icon_ohnoez: Great content and according to what I've seen so far you are very well on your way, making cool stuff :D Looking forward to see what you can do once you have the same age as I am right now :thumbsup_dude:

Welcome to the forum, and keep up the great work :icon_clap:
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Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:16 am

Nice to have you onboard Kolya! I also got into the whole gaming industry through modding :)
Glad you found my tutorials useful on your journey, looking forward seeing more of your work!
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