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Hello Fellow Artists

Perfect for saying hello, sharing your portfolio and background.
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Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:24 pm

Hi all, my name is David.

I am from Hamburg, Germany and I studied 3D-Generalism, if thats even a word :)
I already considered myself an artist back then, when scribbling on my shooldesk. Little did i know...

I've worked for an Indie startup here in Hamburg, mostly doing 3D modeling and character Animation for VR.
I am in the middle of becoming a freelancer, which is an awefull thing to do, if all you have is a 2 year experience with a small studio.
Maybe i'm more of a masochist than an artist :notquitesure:

My website is still a work in progress, so all i can show you as of now, is my sketchfab, which does have its flaws.
I have only recently started texturing my assets, which is why most of my work is still gray as a cat by night, in case your are wondering.

Awesome work i've seen here on the forums so far, looking forward to seeing more. :victory:
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Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:20 pm

Hey David!

Welcome to Chamferzone Forum, have a good time here ! :icon_partyparrot_e:
Interesting to see you already have been active in the field of 3D and VR, I got a small mobile VR gear kit and gotta say it's an awesome experience (even though it can be a bit blurry and my phone can't handle much graphics haha XD). Cool collection on Sketchfab, absolutely a nice overview of the skills you already have, and learning to texture is already been started quite nicely as I have seen! :thumbsup_dude:

Looking forward to see what you will be working on next :monkeydance:
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Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:38 pm

Hi Leggtastic

Yeah, the indie Studio was quite successful in terms of VR, we did some cool, pioneer stuff.
In the end tho, it was just a small studio with little to no payment at the end of the month which sadly forced me to leave eventually :(
As this is all experiance i have in the industry, it is hard to succeed, with or without skill of any kind.
Really i have no idea what i am doing or where i am going with all this. i like 3D in general, its just i dont have a prospect, so i try my luck with freelancing, which i know is most likely the wrong way.
But i have little confidence i my skills, as i have never worked with real professionals that tought or told me anything. This makes me think i am no good enough to workd for a bigger studio which in return keeps me from bell ringing. :notquitesure:
Enough of that.
If you have any qustions regarding VR, dont hesitate asking, i am always willing to share my little knowledge :realization:
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