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Need advice on a plastic bag workflow

Anything related to baking, texturing or sharing useful advice.
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Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:18 pm

Hello guys! Soon i need to start working on a plastiс bag for my project and this is what i am absolutely not expirienced in.
Its going to be modeled in 3ds textured in painter and rendered in marmoset 3.03. While I do not really understand how I can achieve the characteristic interesting details on the surface and how to properly configure materials in the marmoset (or maybe i will need a custom shader), so that the final render looks as beautiful and realistic as possible with all these reflections and highlights. I'm worried about materials setup because I had a small experience with hard transparent plastic and sights rendering in marmo, and then how transparency worked on these renders I sometimes did not like very much.

So I decided to ask for advice in advance. Maybe someone can give me useful recommendations about modeling, texturing and rendering settings to get a realistic and beautiful result for the plastic bags. I added in the post examples of those forms which I most likely will use.
Thank you!
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Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:14 pm

Hey man,

I'm affraid I must admit that I don't have experience making transparent plastic objects, back in the days I followed the tutorial for creating glass on the Marmoset website but that one is quite old so I'm not sure if the info matches newer versions and such. About 1 year ago Marmoset came up with a video dedicated for refractive materials, might be interesting to check out:

I know it's regarding glass & gem's but I think the info can still apply, probably it will be a matter of finding some "plastic" values for the roughness & basecolor :thinking:

For modelling I guess you might want to play around with 3Ds Max indeed, create enough geo to use modifiers on top such as FFD or eventually cloth simulation if you want the bag to deform according to whatever is inside (might be interesting idea? :enlightened: ) In that case this might be interesting to check out as well, skip through the video to see what you get at the end and see if it can help you in case you plan to create something like that :)

For the material in Substance, I think you first have to get the basics done before starting to worry about those "wrinkles" and such, these can be added through a seperate layer with only height enabled, trying an alpha and make sure to add a Blur Filter on top to make the shapes you get smoothed out a bit. Well..this is just based on what I think as I write right now, I never really made plastic as I described above. Perhaps other users have so if they have better suggestion I look forward to read them as well :)
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