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Substance - Applying a material to a fill layer?

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Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:04 pm

Hi there,

I'm learning the ropes of Substance Painter (2018) and following along to the AK47 tutorial. There's a specific part during the first (of 2) texturing video where Tim applies a Steel Material to a Fill Layer and I've no idea how he's doing it? It's at precisely 01:03:25.

At first I thought he was simply dragging and dropping the material over the Fill Layer, but when I do it the Steel Material is placed as a new layer 'on top' of the Fill Layer. Somehow Tim is embedding the Steel Material into the Fill Layer and I'd like to know exactly how he's doing this.

Tbh, I'm struggling with how Substance handles it's layering so I'm trying to reverse engineer every piece of new info I find. Which is why it's so important I understand how Tim is doing this.

Can anyone help me out and tell me precisely what he's doing? Any help much appreciated.
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