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Help me to choose a Wacom for ZBrush

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Tue May 22, 2018 4:45 pm

Hi guys,
Hope you all are doing great!

I have an idea of getting into Jewelry 3D modeling and do 3D modeling for concept character arts after learning anatomy. I found that having a graphics tablet; especially a Wacom will go handy in digital sculpting rather than using a mouse. So I went to their official site and found many models. One model took my attention because it was promoted directly towards the digital sculptors. It's the Wacom Intuos 3D.

There's something I have in my mind struggling.
Wacom Intuos 3D has 2048 pressure sensitivity in it. But, some other low budget Wacom tablets have the same pressure sensitivity 2048. My budget is around $200 - $250. What is the best choice I have ? Please help me. I am open to any ideas and accept honest advises from you guys.

Waiting for your response.

Ranula. :)
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Tue May 22, 2018 10:05 pm

I have the medium size out of this and its worked like a charm for the past 5 years. The medium is just out of your price range, but the small should work just as well. ... undefined1


Sorry I thought they made a small for the pro, but I guess they dont, but this should work for you. ... undefined1
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Wed May 23, 2018 3:38 pm

Hello Brandon ! :)

Thanks for helping out.
Well, Intuos Pro is too much pricey for me. I think it will be a better choice to go with Intuos 3D as for the startup. I will be able to upgrade in future after collecting money from my freelance carrier. :enlightened:

Thanks a lot ! :thumbsup_dude:
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Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:48 am

I got a XP-Pen DECO 03 Graphics Tablet . XP-Pen has always made good products.They are very cheap and have had nothing but problems the last 6 months or so.
The build quality is pretty good. Sensitivity is great in Zbrush and Photoshop. Plenty of room makes drawing sculpting lines much more precise.

A few problems with people not knowing how to install and use tablet correctly and not the tablet itself.
First remove other tablet drivers first then install xp-pendrivers after you can download the Latest Tablet Driver from xp-pen official website - .
Plug in tablet. Computer will detect, you are good to go.
Then mess with settings by selecting icon in the corner.
I set the pressure sensitivity to one less than max for a good feel that is not so sensitive to activate.
I had to allow Administrator permission to access edit keys and active area options.

6 programmable buttons and 1 Touch Ring on the side, good solid buttons.

The pen is nice with 8 extra nibbs in holder. the stylus no need to charge and battery-free .

The tablet has a .6" height detection, this is good plenty of space I can place a sheet of plastic or glass to protect the surface no problem. I don't like the rough surface, but I don't want to scratch it anyways.

You can resize the tablet and edit keys/buttons as well in the software options.
Also has Left hand mode and I am left handed myself. So I got lucky with that ha I can flip the tablet and use the buttons.
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Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:35 pm

Hello Guys,

It's been more than an year from the day I had posted my question here on the forum of choosing a graphics tablet. I have been waiting for a new model of WACOM. I am very happy to inform all of you guys that I have bought a latest version of INTUOS line. WACOM INTUOS Medium, Bluetooth version. It has 4K pressure levels of sensitivity and I am happy with the product so far. Feels so real and life like sculpting.

Thanks all ! Cheers ! I love this forum.

Best regards,
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